Setting New Standards: Amindis Embraces Openfunds Membership!

Setting new standards: AMINDIS embraces Openfunds membership

AMINDIS is proud to be a member of Openfunds, a standard-setter in the domain of fund data exchange.

Openfunds is dedicated to establishing a unified industry standard for characterizing fund-related data, fostering seamless data interchange, and enhancing data structure. This collaboration empowers fund providers and distributors to execute a frictionless exchange of static fund data, resulting in heightened accuracy and operational efficiency.

This initiative serves to both expedite processing time and enhance the client's assimilation of new data within AMINDIS' software, leading to refined calculations and results.

By adhering to these optional standardized practices, AMINDIS actively demonstrates its commitment to supporting clients in their pursuit of operational excellence.

AMINDIS recognizes the advantages of structured data exchange and looks forward to empowering our clients with even smoother integration into our solution.