Cultural support by AMINDIS: the taxshelter project


AMINDIS has been supporting the taxshelter initiative for the past three years. As a company dedicated to social governance, we consider our involvement in culture as an integral pillar of our social responsibility.

Our cultural commitment

AMINDIS has chosen to sustain culture through the taxshelter project, fueled by our relentless belief in the transformative power of art and creativity. We believe culture is vital for enriching society and fostering meaningful dialogue.


Why taxshelter?

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Encouraging creativity


Recognizing the fundamental need to support artists and creators as the architects of our cultural heritage, AMINDIS sees the taxshelter project as a unique platform to invest in creativity and artistic innovation.


Community impact


By investing in projects like taxshelter, AMINDIS actively supports community cultural development. These investments inspire, provoke thought, and broaden horizons through creative works.


Promoting cultural diversity


Diversity is a key aspect of culture, and AMINDIS supports a variety of works to reflect the richness of cultural diversity. We take pride in supporting distinct works that enrich our understanding of artistic creativity.


Our current projects


AMINDIS is honored to support the production of two remarkable audiovisual works:

"Le Chat" by Indra Siera - a fiction series

In the heart of a seaside resort, Stéphanie and Isabelle, victims of a serial assailant, Le Chat, decide to join forces to find and stop him. Over 5 years, with the help of other victims and an atypical cop, these everyday heroines struggle to rebuild their lives. This powerful work explores themes of resilience, female solidarity, and the search for justice.

"Thérèse Claus Philipp Maria" by Martine Wijckaert - a play

The play brings an unlikely encounter between Therese of Avila and Claus von Stauffenberg, figures from different centuries.This unique work blends historical and spiritual elements, offering a profound reflection on human resilience and moral choices.

Past achievements

Over the years, AMINDIS has supported remarkable artistic projects, helping creativity flourish:

  • In 2022, we supported "Ma semaine avec George Clooney," a short film by Emile Sornasse.
  • In 2021, our support went to "Michael," a work by Guillaume Kerbusch and Laura Petrone, and to Alex Ollé and Gergely Madaras's opera "Nos," exploring the fantastic adventures of a nose that decides to live its own life. Composed in 1928, this opera is inspired by the satire of Russian society and its tsarist administration. Despite being banned from the Soviet repertoire for almost half a century due to its social criticism and surrealist theme, this almost demented work has now regained the attention it deserves.

These achievements highlight our ongoing commitment to art and culture, showcasing our pride in being part of rewarding and impactful projects.

Measurable impact, lasting change

At AMINDIS, our support for culture is not just a financial contribution. It's a commitment to social and cultural growth. We are proud to contribute to the creation of a vibrant cultural legacy for future generations.