Our Solutions
for Your Business

Our Solutions
for Your Business

Asset Management

Thanks to its computation engine dedicated to performance, risk and ESG metrics, AMINDIS provides asset managers with AM-DIS, a solution that automates their business process. This unique solution complies with evolving business challenges by producing high-quality analytics and reports.


AMINDIS provides IN-DIS in support of automation requirements of business processes. This integrated solution complies with management needs and regulatory directives by producing quality analysis and reports.

Our priority, automation and flexibility



Legacy Systems

Data Providers

Quality Data

Our efficient Connector tool can be quickly connected to your legacy systems to import client data as well as external data providers to enhance data with Prices, Classifications, Indexes, Fixed Income Data,...  



Business Process

Exception-Based Automation

Real Time

Our flexible Workflow tool can easily replicate your business process and schedule it for automation. Our automatic solution is exception-based, choose to receive error-alerts by e-mail or in the accurate Users Tasks Basket. You can follow, real time, the production process using our Dashboard tool.   



Securely validated reports

Customer Viewer or BI

Our integrated Datawarehouse and Reporting tool can publish validated results securely for end-users or clients. Result consultation is available from our user-friendly Customer Viewer tool or from any BI Solution.   

Client Portal


Analytics Self-Service Request on the fly

Our intelligent Portal offers a complete digital experience  for your internal or external clients. They can empower their analytics and reportings anywhere at any time using a secure web self-service.   

Wide Range of Functions


Integrated System

Control of Data


20 Years of Experience

Our commitment, a close collaboration with your team



Know - How


The experience and endless enhancement of knowledge of our Business Consultants contribute to form a pole of excellence in AMINDIS. These strong skills in Attribution Performance, Risk Attribution, Solvency II Norms, GIPS Compliance,…  are shared with our client.

Facility Mangement


Fitted Server

Secure Access

We offer the technical management of the solution with a well fitted server with secure access to store your database and your solution as well as a full service, including version upgrades, maintenance and business continuity planning.

Client Support


Business & Technical


Whether you are communicating with us by either phone or e-mail, there is always a Business Consultant who knows exactly how to help you. Our business consultants know all features of the software, portfolio management best practises and equally as important your business.

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EU Taxonomy

New European ESG Framework

Multilingual Reporting

Industrialization of reportings

ESG Attribution

Methodology of sucessive benchmarks

Unit Linked

Automation process

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New Challenges

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Interactive Reporting


end users


Who? When? Why? How?

Integrated system

Go further by easily adding other modules

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