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Thanks to its computation engine dedicated to performance, ESG and risk metrics, AMINDIS provides asset managers with AM-DIS, a software solution that automates their business process. This unique solution complies with evolving business challenges by producing high-quality analytics and reports.

Our target, your business

Performance & Risk Analytics
Portfolio performance analysis

Choice of price providers for performance calculations

Different methodologies of return calculations

Indicators and ratios of performance

Flexibility in period and frequency of calculation

Comparison to ad hoc benchmarks or model portfolios

Multi level fund transparency

Risk attribution to identify which decisions have contributed to overall volatility

Performance Attribution

Auto integration of changes in the benchmark’s weight

Including interaction, currency effects and chaining algorithms

Brinson style models for equities and balanced portfolios

Specific fixed income attribution models, such as

successive spreads models or successive portfolio models

Singer and Karnoski for international portfolios

Brinson Performance Attribution graph
Risk Ex-ante
Ex-ante VaR measurement

Calculation of key risk indicators for alternative investments, maximum drawdown, downside risk, recovery period, Sortino ratio,…

Calculation of tracking errors and the contribution to tracking errors

Calculation of Var and CVar under different hypotheses

Risk models and security models customizations

Definition of firm(s) and composites

Functionality to manage movement and events in composite

Associate one or several benchmarks to a composite

Wide range of standard GIPS compliance reports: Assets Under Management, Composite Performance Review, Composite Analytics, Information for RFP,...

More information

GIPS reporting
Solvency II
Solvency II (Ampere) report

Generation of the Standard tripartite files and upgrades proposed by the "Club Ampère"

Position based, by Share classes, management of Derivatives (Forwards, Forex, Futures,...)

Harmonised standards for valuation of assets, own funds criteria eligibility

Look-through approach and look-through "proxy"

Calculation of Solvency Capital Requirements (SCR) Market figures at the asset level

Extensive information at the issuer level

Connect to every financial and extra-financial metrics on the market

Combining ESG metrics with performance and risk analytics

Full comparison with SRI and non-SRI Indices

Extensive reporting layout to highlight SRI investment method

Innovative ESG performance attribution methodology integrating ESG investment process

  Best in class

  Negative or positive screening

  Negative or positive screening and best in class

More information

ESG reporting

Our priority, automation and flexibility


Legacy Systems

Data Providers

Quality Data

Our efficient Connector tool can be quickly connected to your legacy systems to import client data as well as external data providers to enhance data with Prices, Classifications, Indexes, Fixed Income Data,... 

More information about Data Quality


Business Process

Exception-Based Automation

Real Time

Our flexible Workflow tool can easily replicate your business processes and schedule them for automation. Our automatic solution is exception-based, choose to receive error alerts by e-mail or in the accurate Users' Tasks Basket. You can follow, real time, the production process using our Dashboard tool.   



Securely validated reports

Customer Viewer or BI

Our integrated Data warehouse and Reporting tool can publish validated results securely for end-users or clients. Result consultation is available from our user-friendly Customer Viewer tool or from any BI Solution.

More information about Multilingual reporting

More information about Interactive reporting

Our commitment, a close collaboration with your team


Wide Range of Functions

Integrated System

Control of Data


20 Years of Experience

Large variety of business functions



Know - How


The experience and the continuous learning of our Business Consultants contribute to form a pole of excellence within AMINDIS. These strong skills in Performance Attribution, Risk Attribution, Solvency II Norms, GIPS Compliance …  are shared with our client.

Facility Mangement


Fitted Server

Secure Access

We provide technical management of the solution with a well fitted server with secure access to store your database and your solution as well as a full service, including version upgrades, maintenance and business continuity planning.

Client Support


Business & Technical


Behind phone or e-mail, there is a Business Consultant who knows how to help you. Our business consultants know all features of the software, the portfolio management best practises and your business.

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