Navigating ESG regulations - an exclusive podcast




Dive behind the scenes at DFS23 where our CEO, Philippe Vandooren, had the opportunity to discuss how ESG regulations are an opportunity for AMINDIS with Koen Marcel K Vanderhoydonk and The Connector. 

During this captivating discussion, AMINDIS' CEO shared enlightening perspectives. We adjust our strategies and solutions to stay in tune with the ever-changing ESG regulatory framework.

These regulations can be seen as stimulating for both financial and investors. This is a unique opportunity for them to differentiate themselves. ESG regulations are also a challenge for us, yet we enjoy overcoming them. 

Through this podcast, you can learn more about the impact of ESG regulations on the finance industry. But also, about the role of technology in helping to navigate and take advantage of these regulations. 

Listen to this episode now to discover more about AMINDIS' vision and how our cutting-edge solution is shaping the future of asset management in the context of ESG regulations.