AMINDIS joins forces with FE fundinfo


We are thrilled to announce that AMINDIS joins forces with FE fundinfo, a global leader in investment fund data.

FE fundinfo objective is to connect the fund management industry to improve investment decisions by providing timely and accurate data. They offer technology solutions, research, analysis, and an international network for fund managers, distributors, and financial advisers, contributing to industry transparency and efficiency.

What does this mean for our customers?

  • Comprehensive fund data: covering everything from static and dynamic data (think Fund NAV or AUM) for portfolio valuation to specific breakdowns for reporting enrichments.
  • Accessibility: bringing regulatory data including TPT files for look-through objectives and diving deep into the world of ESG with data from EET files.
  • Unlocking potential: this collaboration is all about unlocking the potential of the fund industry. We are dedicated to provide transparency, efficiency, and innovative solutions to help you realize your financial aspirations.