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Our Partners

Thanks to the close partnership with industry experts, we are able to provide you the tailored solutions & services for achieving your business challenges.

Created in 1998, WIN has established itself as the Belgian specialist in network technologies, and more particularly IP VPN private networks. WIN is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified and is positioned as an operator of its own network and own Data Center, and as an integrator of ICT services.


WIN with a long-haul expertise in information and informatics technologies is the ideal partner to host informatics infrastructure of our clients with a high secure access.


Thanks to the close partnership with WIN, we are able to provide you a full application service solution (ASP). An efficient facility management services and technical management with a well fitted servers and a secure access to store your data and your solution as well as a full service, including version upgrading, maintenance and high level business continuity plan.


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ACSONE XBRL Competency Centre designs and delivers AREVIO, a XBRL Certified Software™ as provided by the XBRL International Consortium.

Over years and multiple successful realisations, ACSONE’s experts have accumulated into this Competency Centre in-depth technical and functional knowledge over the XBRL standard.

Thanks to the close partnership with ACSONE, we are able to provide a full high-added value solution to produce Solvency II and IORP II reports.

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