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How to measure the contribution of your ESG strategy to your return?

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ESG Attribution


Performance Attribution for SRI funds

ESG Strategies
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ESG/SRI funds is a growing trend because of institutional regulations (1), client demands and link between performance and ESG strategies (2). Among the 4 major ESG investment approaches (3), a multitude of ESG strategies can be proposed.

Indeed, in addition to the classics such as: Best in Class, Positive or Negative Screening, Thematic, Impact Investing,... the combination of several of them is an alternative.

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(1) institutional regulations

(2) studies linking performance and ESG strategies

(3) ESG investments and strategies

ESG Indexes
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Most providers disclose their own ESG Indexes (1). The construction methodology is specific for each provider and Asset Managers must select the right index for their ESG strategy. Given the multitude of possible ESG strategies, the appropriate ESG index may not exist in the market. Moreover, if the objective is to measure the contribution to the return of a specific ESG strategy, it seems logical to consider an index free of any ESG strategy for this analytics.

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ESG Attribution
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To measure the contribution of the ESG strategy, we propose to use an original model based on a methodology of successive benchmarks. This methodology has a twofold advantage: first, performance is measured against standard indices, which avoids the costs of acquiring specific ESG indices. Second, the method isolates the contribution to performance of the ESG strategy. The method is applied to any ESG strategy, the Best in Class, Screening (negative or positive), Impact Investing, Best Effort ...

This original ESG Attribution methodology has been developed by Philippe Grégoire and presented in the article "Measuring the Contributions of SRI/ESG Investment Strategies". The article was published in the Journal of Performance Measurement, volume 23-4.


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AMINDIS implemented the original ESG attribution model based on a methodology of successive benchmarks. AMINDIS offers a software solution to integrate ESG dimensions in complete outstanding reporting.


The unique and integrated AM-DIS platform provides business functions in line with state-of-the art portfolio analysis, including all ESG dimensions.


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