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ESG Reporting


ESG Reporting is your new challenge

ESG Issues

ESG Issues are a Reality


All International organizations set up their own guidelines, frameworks, directives,… to guide sustainable development:

ESG Investment

ESG Investment is a Choice

4 approaches of ESG Investment:

  • Philanthropy - Investors consider the ESG target without the financial returns target

  • Impact Investment – Investors want to have a positive impact on ESG alongside their financial returns. They will invest in companies that provide solutions to ESG issues.

  • Ethical Standards – Investors want to align their investments with their ethical standards alongside their financial returns. They will exclude non ethical activities from their investment universe

  • ESG Integration –Investors want to reduce their negative impact on ESG alongside their financial returns. They will integrate ESG criteria's to select companies in such activities, sectors or countries.


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ESG Metrics
ESG Metrics.png

ESG Metrics are a Requirement

Most providers deliver ESG data for equities, fixed income and alternatives. ESG Metrics are based on non-financial information about issuers (corporate or government). The 2 common ESG metrics are:

  • Ranking - S&P DJI ESG Scores - with values from 0 to 100, for example

  • Rating - MSCI ESG Rating - for example-with rate from AAA to CCC, for example


Most providers disclose their own ESG Indexes. The construction’s methodology is specific for each and Indexes must be selected following the ESG approach

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ESG Reporting
ESG reporting.png

ESG Reporting is a Challenge


Deliver comprehensive ESG analytics and reporting to clients by managing:


  • Data and Ratings on Issuers

  • Based on qualitative information

  • Coverage Rate

  • Multiproviders

  • No standardisation

  • Careful interpretation


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AMINDIS offers solutions to produce ESG factsheets but mainly to integrate ESG dimensions in complete portfolio management reporting.


The unique and integrated software AM-DIS provides business functions in line with  state-of-the art potfolio analysis, including ESG dimensions.


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