AMINDIS and Af2i - an enriching partnership

AMINDIS proudly announces its collaboration with Af2i, the influential French association of institutional investors.

Funded in 2002, Af2i plays a central role in uniting diverse institutional families under the umbrella of institutional investing. As a cross-sector association, Af2i is a lively hub for exchanging ideas and promoting best practices in financial sector. It ensures that over 80 member institutions actively participate and have their voices heard in market discussions. 

Beyond collaboration, Af2i actively shapes the landscape of institutional investing in France. It provides a platform where members share insights, stay informed about industry trends, and collectively address challenges in the rapidly evolving financial market.

This strategic partnership emphasizes AMINDIS' dedication to innovation and excellence, reinforcing our commitment to long-term value creation in the dynamic French financial ecosystem. We look forward to contributing to Af2i's initiatives and expect a mutually beneficial collaboration. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this dynamic alliance!