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We are committed to customer satisfaction. Our credo is to develop a close relationship of trust with each client. By sharing our clients' priorities and integrating their constraints, we successfully manage projects.  

Jeremy Sigar


Investment Advisor | Invest

"When Securex decided to automate Branch 23, AMINDIS put in place an efficient procedure thanks to the availability and expertise of its teams. The integrated IN-DIS solution allows the automation of the management of subscriptions, repurchase as well as fees, in order to calculate and publish the investment values within the deadlines. We are very satisfied with AMINDIS' support in this project, which has succeeded in meeting our need for automation, while integrating our data constraints and our specific needs in terms of reporting."


Philippe Denef

Degroof Petercam Asset Management                               CIO Quantitative Equity & Asymmetric Asset Management      

Member of the Management Board

"Last year, we decided to enrich our offer with new reports on our SRI funds. In order to industrialise the production of the original factsheets and ESG reports we had developed, we naturally turned to the AMINDIS teams, with whom we have been collaborating for over 20 years. AMINDIS quickly proposed a project plan that was deployed in a short time and at a very limited cost, in the AM-DIS solution. The flexibility of the tool and the efficient collaboration with AMINDIS allowed us to automate the production of our factsheets and ESG reports, just as we had imagined."


Regine Garnier


Senior consultant

"I had the opportunity to lead the implementation of AMINDIS' AM-DIS solution for an asset manager located in Lausanne. The solution was chosen by the client to support and automate the work of the Performance and Reporting team. We worked closely with the AMINDIS' team. I particularly appreciated the team's professionalism and business and technical knowledge. The project was carried out in a good atmosphere, allowing us to deliver it according to the client's priorities and to their satisfaction. Talan would gladly do another project with AMINDIS."


Christophe Dedriche


Business Project Leader

& Senior Business Analyst

"Belfius Insurance was able to take advantage of the experience shared in the past with AMINDIS during the implementation of the IAS39 standard in order to replicate a large majority of the mechanisms useful for the IFRS9 standard. The addition of certain elements in the securities and transaction reporting allowed us to put in place the various accounting rules and controls to ensure quality figures. We were able to continue producing figures under the old standard (IAS39) while preparing the new standard (IFRS9). This made the transition much easier. The success of this project was made possible by the powerful tool and the excellent collaboration with the AMINDIS staff.

Since 2019, we have another challenge to face: IFRS17. While IFRS9 is about assets, IFRS17 focuses more on the technical results with a completely different accounting treatment. This standard once again forces us to rethink the accounting headings used for some of our assets. The IN-DIS tool gives us flexibility in our work as we know that we can easily reclassify our assets (where this is allowed) and add ledgers in case of comparison of figures over a period of time."


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