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14:00    Welcome

14:15    Sustainable investments: a “must have” for investors
            O. Mortier, Responsible Investment Strategist at Degroof Petercam




14:45    Industrialization of reporting: the approach of an asset manager
P. Glardon, Head of Performance Analysis & Risk at BCV

15:15    Break

15:45    Performance attribution for SRI funds
Ph. Grégoire, Professor at Louvain School of Management






16:30    Break

16:45    ESG Reporting: where do we go from here?
E. Borremans, Head of ESG at Pictet Asset Management

17:15    Closing Seminar

17:30    Networking Cocktail

Recent years have witnessed a significant acceleration of the regulatory framework on the issue of sustainability and accountability of non-financial and financial companies. Accentuated by pressure from civil society and the various corporate governance codes that have been revised here and there around the world, this acceleration is undeniable and the structural trend towards sustainable and responsible investment is undeniable.

Furthermore, the transition to low-carbon economy is a must. We do not have choice as there is no planet bis. The longer we postpone actions to reduce emissions, the higher the cost of the transition will be. Have investors – public and private – therefore a role (moral duty) to play in financing this transition, which requires huge investments? Climate-related risks become increasingly material on the long run, but also on the short run they become, much faster than expected, quite material. It is therefore part of the fiduciary duty of all professional investors to integrate these risks when making their investment decisions.

A wide variety of Sustainable strategies is available on the market, starting from simple exclusions and going all the way to pure Thematic Sustainability strategies. Faced with many offers, it is increasingly important for investors to assess materialistically the sustainability level of portfolios, as it helps them identifying the most suitable sustainability strategies. Whatever you define as your objectives – e.g. respecting international standards, excluding controversial activities, promoting best practices related to environmental, social or governance (ESG) concerns, financing themes linked to ESG challenges, etc. -, a comprehensive assessment from all these relevant angles could be relevant to assess the whole picture of your portfolio. 

Asset managers are faced with mounting client expectations in terms of their portfolio reporting.

In particular, we observed an increase in the demand for the following elements: the frequency of reporting distribution, the level of granularity of the figures, additional tailor-made data and digital access to the portfolio.

To meet these requirements, one possible approach consists in putting in place a technical and organizational infrastructure to industrialize portfolios’ reporting. How do we go about building it? What main issues do we face? Follow the concrete approach undertaken by an Asset Manager.

To measure the contribution of the ESG strategy, we propose a model based on a methodology of successive benchmarks. This methodology has a twofold advantage: first, performance measurement is performed against standard indices, which avoids the costs of acquiring specific ESG indices. Second, the method isolates the contribution to performance of the ESG strategy.


The method is applied to two ESG strategies, the BEST in Class strategy and the Screening strategy, negative or positive.

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