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How to measure the Transition Risk of your Portfolio

Investing greener and getting less carbonated portfolio strategies has become a concern for all investment managers. Several policies have been implemented for a climate-neutral economy.

Nevertheless, the actions companies are putting in place to mitigate climate change, cannot be perfectly known in advance. It induces risks and opportunities for economic actors to build their portfolio strategies.

AMINDIS has developed a new methodology allowing investment managers to measure the

transition risk and measure the impact of over/underweighting carbon-emitting sectors and securities on the return of the portfolio. This innovative approach can be used for investment management processes such as portfolio optimisation, stress testing, and ex-ante risk assessment.

Part of the challenge is to connect nonfinancial and financial measures to ensure effective collaboration between investment and ESG teams. The future of investment management is to combine Impact, Risk and Return. AMINDIS provides a unique solution allowing you to solve the New IRR equation with a holistic view across all business functions for premium investment decisions!

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