How to industrialize multilingual reporting in insurance and asset management?

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Since 1999, AMINDIS offers a unique software solution and expertise providing premium services in Asset Management & Insurance. AMINDIS offers a tailored client solution to meet its evolving business challenges.

Expand business analytics through a unique software

Both AM-DIS & IN-DIS Solutions (formerly known as GPMS) support a wide range of integrated business functions in line with state-of-the-art of portfolio analysis. Based on a unique and evolving platform, our software allows our clients to increase their operational efficiency, reduce their costs and face new business challenges.

We speak the same language

One of the essential reasons of our success is the strong expertise the AMINDIS Services team provides our clients. Our consultants are constantly striving to determine the most innovative solutions for our clients by listening to their daily challenges.

Tailored made services


The commitment of the AMINDIS Services team is to build the most adequate operational servicing mode, from consulting to a full outsourcing's package.


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