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Interactive Reporting

The New Reality for Asset Managers

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Large variety of business functions

Interactive reporting


Give more to end users. With interactive reports, framing, navigating, contributing, focusing, annotating and orienting are standard options for end users to perform various types of data and analytics discovery. End users are empowered to adjust the data and presentation of their reports to glean more useful business information.

Data consolidation

Data consolidation


Connection to legacy systems

Flexibility in frequency and format types

Check file format

Check data availability

Check data consistency

Wide range of integrated business functions

1500 integrated business functions in line with

state-of-the-art portfolio analysis

Computation engine dedicated to performance and risk metrics

High-quality analytics

Multiple visualisation supports

Choice of various visualisation supports (PC, tablet, smartphone)

Scroll horizontally and vertically, display is never limited

Zoom in and out of a view level

Customizable with your corporate identity guidelines

Security committed


Dynamic secure navigation

Dynamic navigation through all selected analytics

User friendly interface

Selection of Scope, Breakdown and Period

Drill down into all layers of data

Increase or decrease the granularity of the data

Link to data source

Hone specific metrics

High-quality reporting

Production cost control

Production cost control by an integrated automated process

Error-based process

SLA agreement

A scalable and extensive unique solution that evolves with your future challenges


AMINDIS offers 2 integrated solutions to provide interactive reporting using the leading BI tool: Tableau.


Full integration with Tableau Server for dynamic visualization and execution on demand.

Use Tableau BI to create files in standalone with Tableau Reader.


View our recorded webinar or request a demo.


Integrated system

Go further by easily adding other modules

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